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Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Life does not last forever. It's a gift I took for granted when I was young, then struggled through during busy adult years. Now in retirement I am learning to appreciate it. I have tried many approaches and I found the right one just a few years ago. It is based on the style of meditation taught in Shambhala Buddhism, but it does not require that one embrace Buddhism itself.

When I stumbled onto this "practice" as it is called it seemed at once to be sensible and well suited to life in today's difficult and complex world. Instead of "study" I absorb guides for living called Slogans, focusing on one or more each day. It's a lifetime journey with no urgency and no expectation of reaching some goal. There is no punishment for failure nor limit to the times one can start over. It's a simple yet profound way to "get along with other people" as a prominent contemporary teacher puts it.

Another way I remind myself how to deal with life is to listen to this chant. It never fails to focus me when things get messy and I don't like myself, maybe because music is so important in my life.

If you have time to listen to even a part of this, do read the words - at least on the first few frames. It takes some effort because the print is fuzzy, but they are clear in later frames and bring the chant to life. They illustrate beautifully the "loving kindness" that is the meditation's goal.

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