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Monday, April 14, 2014


Coming soon,
Spring, deer.
Green, hot, breeze.
Crimson, brown.


The reader will see that the pictures below are the same as those in the slide show above. That's because I'd like to know which sort of viewing you prefer. If you plan to leave a comment, please tell me your preference.  Thanks, Mary



  1. Love the photos, Mary. I'm assuming it's where you live - such a lovely place, and with deer roaming it adds to the beauty.
    The A-Z does have some wonderful blogs.

    1. Hello Fanny, Thank you for visiting! I'm glad you like my pictures. Yes, it's my home. I moved 2 years ago to this 1893 Victorian home, a dream come true for me. I never tire of taking its pictures, like a proud mama capturing every moment of her child. Mary

  2. Hi Mary, you have a lot to be proud of with that home, it's beautiful, really outstanding gardens with deer, beautiful...I'd swap. :)
    So images, well you have been busy I prefer the gallery but maybe that's because the individual images look a little messy. Saw a good idea (did I send the link?) with photos all the same size, side by side, 3 or 4 to a row, that looked quite good.
    We'll crack this yet!

  3. Mary, your pictures are beautiful! I love all the colors around your house.